I. boom boom 1 [buːm] noun [countable, uncountable]
1. ECONOMICS a time when business activity increases rapidly, so that the demand for goods increases, prices and wages go up, and unemployment falls:

• a boom in the building sector

• After four years of economic boom, this year saw a slowing down of the economy.

• Government economic policy encouraged a consumer boom followed by a deep recession.

• A system of low taxation on land sales helped fuel a property boom.

— compare slump
2. FINANCE a time when activity on the stockmarket reaches a high level and share prices are very high:

• Hopes of further interest rate cuts sparked off a shares boom yesterday.

  [m0] II. boom boom 2 verb [intransitive] ECONOMICS
if business, trade, or the economy is booming, it is very successful and growing:

• Since the 1980s tourism has boomed here.

• The company has 600,000 mobile phone subscribers and business is booming.

* * *

boom UK US /buːm/ noun [C or U] ECONOMICS, FINANCE
a period of increased economic activity and growth: »

A decade of market-oriented reforms has touched off an economic boom.


The country as a whole will suffer the economic cost of the abrupt end of a decade-long boom.

fuel/create/cause a boom »

The country's radical tax system is helping fuel a boom that rivals Asia's tiger economies.

experience/enjoy/undergo a boom »

The construction industry experienced a boom in the years following the war.

boom in sth »

The boom in internet share prices has fuelled a huge growth in stock market values around the world.

property/housing/building boom »

During the housing boom, lenders issued loans in record amounts.

dotcom/internet/technology boom »

The boom generated $18 billion in stock options and capital gains taxes for the state.


stock market/investment/price boom


consumer/spending boom

See also BABY BOOM(Cf. ↑baby boom)
Compare BUST(Cf. ↑bust) noun
See Note BOOM AND BUST(Cf. ↑boom and bust)
boom UK US /buːm/ verb [I] ECONOMICS, FINANCE
to experience an increase in economic activity, interest, or growth: »

Small businesses have boomed, since the government passed a new law making it easier to set them up.


Business is booming, producing increased earnings.


With the economy booming, opportunities have never been better for entrepreneurs.

See also BOOM AND BUST(Cf. ↑boom and bust)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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